Activated Carbon System

Activated Carbon System

Activated Carbon System is in the process of absorption of activated carbon to separate the waste gases or vapors of organic contaminants off the air. The process by which molecules of the gas are separated from the air by adsorption into the surface of activated carbon through a porous surface. Gas molecules adsorbed will be called ‘Absorbate’ while the solid absorbent called ‘Absorbent’. In general, the absorbate will absorb vapors of molecular weight greater than 45 effectively.

Activated Carbon is derived from natural or organic matter which containing of Carbon and Hydrogen through an activated process until the color turns into Black. The structure is porous and high surface which has the high ability to absorb sustain productively.

Activated Carbon system is suitable for chemical plants that contain VOCs in paint manufacturing, Drying Paint Processes, Petrochemical plants and Water treatment plants and so on.

The advantages of Activated Carbon System

  • High Effective in the treatment of VOCs. The System can absorb an intense of odor in the processes.
  • Appropriate with high capacity of air wastes and low concentration.
  • Easy for an operation and maintenance.
  • Activated carbon Powder can be reused again. (Regeneration)