Bio Scrubber System / Bio Trickling Filter

Bio Scrubber System / Bio Trickling Filter

Bio Scrubber System is one of an Air pollution Control by Biological processes. This process is to eliminate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound; VOC) from Waste Water Plant or high concentration gas such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) by using microbial biodegradation processes to eliminate pollution from the air.

Bio Scrubber System / Bio Trickling Filter will contain an Artificial Media or Packing Media. This Packing Media acts as an intermediary in Wet Scrubber which is used to achieve area for the bacteria in the plaque. When Air contaminants flowing up from the bottom of the tank, the Packing Media will absorb bacteria at the Spray tower, then the air will flow down to the bottom turning into good air condition releases to outside.

The composite water is a mixture of microorganisms and contaminants adsorbed will be transmitted to the tank. Then, biodegradable is applied inside and conveyed to accumulated tank. The water from the decomposition process will be re-used in the system so, it will small amount of water being released into the environment.

Bio Scrubber System is suitable for Ethanol plants, Sugar Plants, Flour Plants, Palm Oil Industries, Food Industries, Petrochemical Plants, Wastewater treatment and Bio-gas Plants.

The advantages of Bio Scrubber System / Bio Trickling Filter

  • Using low chemicals in the process which doesn’t cause dangerous and pollution
  • Using very high energy in the system with low operation cost.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Water from the decomposition process can be reuse.
  • The wastewater release through environment in small volume and need no other treatment