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FRP Ducting System

FRP Ducting System is designed for odor, smoke, steam, acid vapor, chemicals or wastes gas from the generator exhaust system. By using an exhaust fan to the waste the flow then releases into the outside atmosphere through an air vent (FRP Stack), in order to minimize the potential impact on the health of workers results to the air inside the plant is safe as industry standard.

Our FRP Duct is a round shape and square shape, manufactured by a Standard Filament Winding Machine. The feature of the frp duct is resistant to corrosion from the elements that are acidic or alkaline chemicals to expand a long life usage of processes. We also have a wide range of duct sizes to be appropriate with the capacity of the customer.

Gencon has a team of engineers who specialize in the design and selection of materials used in the manufacture of FRP Duct to suit different types of air pollution system. We also offer SUS Duct or Galvanized Duct and any other materials to fulfill all customers’ satisfaction.

There are also other devices which are often connected to ducting system such as FRP Hood. The hood will be installed in the most comprehensive source, so that the suction is so powerful. The shape of the hood will vary depending on the type and nature of industrial exhaust such as canopy hood or slot Hood etc.

FRP Ducting System is suitable for a wide range of industries. The process produces a corrosive acid fumes from the chemical industry, such as Food industry, Automotive Industry, Electronics industry, petrochemical industry, Textile industry, Pharmaceutical industry, etc., We can design a duct line to connect with a Fiberglass Hood (FRP Hood), Fiberglass Blower (FRP Blower) and to use as a flow - out of the air in the air treatment system.

FRP Duct with FM Approved will be coated internally by Vinyl Ester Resin for a corrosion resistant and adding high features by coating non-flammable resin materials externally. Making FRP FM Approved Duct is non-flammable, fire retardant and non-fire sparkle for the highest safety to customers and valued assets.

The type of duct can be fabricated from diameter 2” (50 mm.) to diameter 160” (4,000 mm.), suitable for electronics, semiconductors, main boards, discs, memory discs and data storage industries including research and development organization which requires the highest safety standard.