FRP Lining

FRP Lining

FRP Lining is coating fiberglass which is suitable for the surface protection which is resistant from chemical corrosion, including coating the surface to repair the deterioration of chemical erosion for a long time.

Fiberglass Lining is for surface protection which will not erode or corrode by chemicals. The coating is also to repair a leak or rupture surface deterioration from chemical corrosion for a long time. With accumulated experiences for years, we have the expertise to select the type of resin and thickness to suit the characteristics of the customer’s plants as well.

We also offer customers a surface coating such as sandblasting, grinding or abrasive surface for the best quality of Lining and to satisfy the customers.

The Suitable surface for coatings FRP Lining

  • Chemical Production Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Chemical Storage Tank
  • Coating for Steel Tank
  • Coating pipes or Ducts with leak decay.

Advantages of FRP Lining (Coating Fiberglass)

  • Provides a durable surface.
  • Resistant to many corrosive chemicals, depending on the choice of the appropriate grade resin.
  • Tolerate with high temperatures.
  • Long lifetime
  • Any colors or surface coating requirements.

FRP Lining

Primer Layer
Structure Layer
Corrosion Barrier
Finishing Coat