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FRP Tank / FRP Storage Tank

FRP Tank or Chemical Storage Tank is made of Fiberglass for storage many kinds of chemicals. The material used for tank is high corrosive for Chemicals, high durable and long life usage.

Gencon Engineering Company Limited offers a design and manufacture FRP tank in various sizes in industrial applications. We can provide from a small to a large diameter of 500 m3 designed by our team to advise material used to suitable diameter and Height. The production works under the ASTM standards, our team will calculate the thickness and the suitable type of resin in an engineering way.

Thus, customers can be assured that all fiberglass tanks are controlled by our professional engineers, providing a design based on customer needs. In order to suit for using in different industries, we can provide tanks in various types such as Square Fiberglass Tank, Colorful Tanks with manufactures based on industry’s standards, quality and reasonable prices are significant.

We can also provide other materials such as SUS Tank, Steel Tank, Galvanized Tank and Other material to fully satisfy the customers’ need.

FRP Tank or Chemical Storage Tank is suitable for a wide range of industries which using of liquid chemicals for example; Chemical industries, Food industry, Rubber and rubber products etc.

Advantages of FRP Tank / Chemical Storage Tank

  • Strength
  • Resistant to many corrosive chemicals, depending on the choice of the appropriate grade resin.
  • Tolerate high temperatures well.
  • Long lifetime
  • Produce in varieties of Spec according to customer requirements. (Design, Dimension and Color)