Fume Hood Cupboard

Fume Hood Cupboard

Fume Hood Cupboard is another product under GENCONLAB brand. We consult, produce and install readymade fume hood cupboard with saving price and convenient utilization.

GENCONLAB Fume Hood Cupboard for Laboratory is use for ventilating acid mist and synthesis that might be harmful with users away from scientific laboratory. The special features of this cupboard are chemical resistant corrosion and rust-proof throughout work duration. It is longer life duration and easy maintenance.

With regards to the safety of workers and environment, we have a special version of the fume hood, Customers can install Chemical treatment systems with the Activated Carbon and further equipped with Wet Scrubber so that it can suck the polluted air before release into the atmosphere.

There are more products under the brand “GENCONLAB” which are the Furniture in laboratories (Laboratory Furniture) focused on the design, optimization and design-based client applications. We offer the consult in design, manufacture, installation, furniture, fume hoods and laboratory services.

Laminar Flow

The laminar flow cabinet is the vital instrument for scientific laboratory especially biological aspect. For the laboratory, laminar flow cabinet is commonly used for specialized work such as spin coating to eliminate airborne contamination that would otherwise interfere with experimental processes and harm with users. The most common application of the laminar flow cabinet is to create a particle-free working environment by taking air through HEPA filter and exhausting it across a work surface in a laminar or unidirectional air stream.

Therefore, laminar flow cabinet is not only to prevent users from several of airborne contaminations of other biotical samples but make users more comfortable and efficient in work processes as well. We provide variety safety levels of laminar flow cabinet that is suitable for customer’s applications.