Wet Scrubber System

Wet Scrubber System

Wet Scrubber system is a device used for the treatment of waste gas pollution, acid vapor chemical vapor resulting from the manufacturing process. By operating concept of the contact between air and liquid, is water (or chemical solvents) from waste air being sucked into the scrubbers. Then, through an intermediary layer of media (Packing Media), which is serves to increase the contact surface between air and water by spraying water to trap dust or contaminants from the air. The contaminants will be caught by the water. Then the Blower (FRP Blower) is continue to suck the cleaning air to release through the air vent (FRP Stack).

There are various types of Wet Scrubber for example Packed Bed Scrubber, Spray Tower Scrubber, Venturi Scrubber or Cyclone Scrubber etc. The most popular used in Industrial plants is the Packed Bed Scrubber or Wet Scrubber with Packing Media.

Wet Scrubber system is suitable for many industries for example; The chemical industry, Food industry, Automotive Industry, Electronics industry, Rubber and rubber products, Pulp and paper Industry etc.

The advantages of Wet Scrubber System

  • High Effective in particle retention for both small and large particle
  • Compatible with the current air flow, where temperatures and humidity are high (Cool down the temperature)
  • Compatible with particles in the risk of flammable and explosion (no cause of explosion)
  • The system can treatment both particle and gas simultaneously, such as Dust, Fume and Mist.